Putting the trip in amitriptyline...

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As I may have mentioned in the past, one of the medications that I take to combat my neuropathic pain is Amitriptyline. This is a medication that was originally developed as a tricyclic antidepressant, but has been found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of nerve pain. I have been taking the stuff since I was in hospital, but I cannot honestly tell you if it's doing anything. So I have decided to creep up to the maximum dose, and if I find no improvement, I shall come off it altogether.

So, that's why I'm taking 100mgs of the stuff every night. Only thing is, last night I forgot on account of being feverish. I realised my mistake this morning and thought the best thing would be to take them straight away.

Well, that mental picture you have just painted is probably spot on. I went from fine to very not fine, to queasy, and then passed out. It was all very scary for P, who thought at one stage that I had stopped breathing. Luckily a loud snore provided reassurance that I was still here.

Still, it was all pretty frightening stuff for a while there. It has made me change my ambivalence about all the pill popping. And has made me more determined to identify things that aren't helping and kick them into touch. Metaphorically speaking, obviously...

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whoa there nelly! sounds a bit over the top even for YOU. passing out and not breathing is not a 'good look'so best behaviour for the rest of the week please...sheeesh!
love to p.

Hi Tim, not sure if you'll remember me we used to work on BT together many years ago...under the watchful gaze of "Merv".
I met up with Gary Hards and some of the other miscreants from BT for the annual,or in my case alternating yearly Christmas drink,and Gary told me about your accident.To say I was shocked was an understatement, I thought you'd run off to Australia to be a surf bum,not shinning up trees in NE London. I'll start reading the blog( I too hate the phrase Blogger)and I've bought the book,and spammed a forum I use with the Amazon link too..every sale counts eh? Just spotted the pics of you playing tennis in your chair.... no doubt you'd still cuff me .

Good luck Mate

Mick....(the one with the wonky eye.)

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