Laid low

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Lots of media stuff about various advancements in the search for a fix for spinal cord injury.

First we had the Blue Rat, a breakthrough in the initial treatment of spinal cord injury with some interesting side-effects. It could make a visit to a spinal unit even more surreal.

Then we have a new development in the 're-wiring' of damaged spinal cords. This one highlights the complexity of repairing such fundamental nerve damage. Just getting the nerves to re-grow has been a huge challenge, let alone directing them to make the right connections.

And why laid low? Well, because while all of these developments are being discussed, I am wrestling with what could best be described as a bad week, pain-wise. This is partly because I didn't stand in my callipers while we were away and stretching out my hip flexors again causes a referred pain. Then there is the low-pressure weather system and its impact on my neuro-pain.

And, of course, there is the random, kick-a-man-while-he's-down pain.

All of which throws the cut or not to cut discussion back out there. Now I'm not saying that there is a cure for my condition coming down the line any time soon, especially as my cord and the channel that it's supposed to glide in are so messed up.

But the thing is, cutting the cord is just so, well, final. And with no guarantee of any improvement, the decision is clear. For now. But one can't help but wonder.

Otherwise, the week was pretty good, all in all. We survived R's Pirate birthday party on Sunday without tantrums and all the kids seemed to enjoy themselves. But I can't help but wonder whether the start of school in September will spell the end of Pirate parties and the intrusion of Barbie or worse. Bratz? Not in this house. No way. Not ever. Like I have any control in this?

The only dodgy moment came at the end of the day when I got out of my chair to discover that the backside of my trousers was covered in red. After an initial panic that I had suffered some kind of internal collapse, it turned out to be the legacy of a blackberry that had missed the pot and dropped between my legs while we were brambling earlier in the day. That's the trouble with having no sensation below the waist. The second time in my life that I have suffered a major health scare due to a fruit of the forest. Still, it could have been worse. What if I had sat on a pineapple all day?

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It has to be said that unless someone was showing 'princess and the pea' like sensitivity we might all struggle to register a blackberry with our bums.

Well, they usually say that hope is the last thing we lose and the-cut-or-not-to-cut discussion is pretty much about giving up hope, isn't it? Even when you may feel (or know) that there's not a great deal of it left (when it comes to a cure for this matter) why give it up altogether?

Not sure whether the pineapple would've been worse stain-wise talking!

Am I the only one left wondering what the first forest fruit health scare was? sx

If I'm following your strangely convoluted mind properly Tim I presume the "forest fruit" in question was that tree?!?

Or a prickly pear???

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