Glided by voices

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First up, let's start this post with a short disclaimer:
I am really grateful that people take an interest in the kind of challenges I face on a daily basis, and delighted when they point me in the direction of stuff that they think may be of help, or simply of interest. I do keep an ear to the ground with regard to new products and research that is taking place, but that certainly doesn't mean that I am up to date with every new innovation that comes along. Please keep me in the loop. I genuinely appreciate it.

But, come on, (some) people. I am one of the more self-obsessed bloggers out there, with a confessional streak that often means I don't just disappear up my own backside, I also report on what I find. So if you have come across me, and feel that you want to share whatever you have recently discovered, please do a wee bit of homework. You don't have to buy my book (please buy my book) to learn that I have a T12 complete spinal cord injury. This means I have no movement or sensation below my waist (except for my left testicle. See, there I go again with too much information).

I bring this up because I was contacted today by someone who had come across a product that they thought may be of use to me: The Glidecycle.

I went to the website, and watched a short film that demonstrates the product. Then I imagined being 'assisted' into one of these things, and pushed on my way with a, "Be free! Ride like the wind!", only for my feet to drag along the ground and then my whole sorry carcass to slow, stop and fall sideways.

Obviously the makers of this product would not do such a thing. And I can see where a product like this could be really useful for people who are prevented from exercising due to joint problems or obesity. It does look to me like a grown up one of these, but I'm sure there are lots of excellent reasons why risking concussion on an overhead 'crossbar' is a good idea.

All I'm saying is, if you do get in touch, maybe focus on ideas and innovations that aren't going to make me re-live the terror of learning to ride a bike with absolutely no chance of ever cracking it.

On the other hand, if you want to put me in one of these, I'm raring to go...

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Why not get the Ekso and use it to ride the Glidecycle? Could be worse mate, a few weeks ago I had another of the "I believe Jesus Christ has the power to make you walk again" statements from a well wisher. I just politely smiled and said thanks!

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