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I'm thinking this might be a bit of a regular new feature.

Every day, I wake to find my inbox liberally scattered with press releases. This is because my address is still on all the press listings in the UK, despite my best efforts to have it removed. PR companies send out thousands of press releases to lists are based on the kind of subjects a journalist tends to cover. I get a lot of family ones, as well other 'lifestyle' topics as well disability stories.

The press releases are often built around an extremely tenuous connection to a news story (every time a royal baby fills their nappy I get inundated with PR waffle about new baby clothes 'fit for a little prince' etc.), but sometimes they signal the launch of a new book/range of sportswear/toy. Others just appear for no apparent reason. When I read them I often picture a young intern who is putting in a shift in a bid to get a job in 'branding'.

The following excerpt is from a release I received today. It came from a self-styled life coach, fitness instructor and nutritionist, who wants to teach mums how to be 'healthy happy and confident.'

In keeping with the traditional 'inspirational' narrative, she has looked for a story of her overcoming adversity, and opens with a statement that includes the line,
"I'm a health and fitness entrepreneur, mum-of-three and international co-author - and was warned I'd be in a wheel chair by the time I was 45!"

Intrigued, I read on. Did she suffer some kind of spinal cord injury? A life threatening illness, perhaps? The full drama of her story was revealed a few paragraphs later.
"I have been told by a knee surgeon that if I carry on with my running and high impact exercise then I'll be in a wheel chair by the time I'm 45!"

Oh, the anguish. The suffering.

Two top tips:
1. If a surgeon tells you to stop running and other high impact exercises, then you should probably just stop. Maybe find some other form of exercise. Swimming, perhaps?

2. It's probably best not to send 'overcoming adversity' stories of this nature to someone who is paraplegic.  From where I'm sitting, it seems more of an inconvenience than anything.

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