Beyond The Break

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And we're off!

The media launch of Beyond The Break kicked off this week, with an interview on Channel 7's Daily Edition.

Meanwhile, Darren (Daz) has been flat out with newspaper interviews ready to go to press for the official publication date of the 31st July.

It's a challenge to try and paint a thumbnail sketch of a book that was a year in the making, especially as there are so many elements to the story. I must confess that I am finding the process a little different this time, compared to Looking Up back in 2008, when the story was my own. Daz is keen to do the press stuff together where possible, which makes the process easier as we can work as a double act.

Our situation is unusual for co-authors in that we do share the experience of spinal cord injury (SCI), and as I have always been a keen advocate of peer-to-peer support, the publicity around the book allows for us to examine the difference of talking with someone who has a lived understanding of the day to day life with SCI.

Daz is quadriplegic (tetraplegic) and I am paraplegic, and this means he has to deal with a whole lot of additional challenges that come with upper limb impairments, especially hand function.  I know I bristle at the 'Well done. You are an inspiration for getting on with your life' narrative, and I will spare him that, but I must confess that I am deeply impressed with the way that Daz deals with everything. He is definitely making the most of what is possible with his level of injury, and his ability to run a successful business is baffling to me. But this is nothing to do with his injury. It's because I live a life of chaos and disorganisation. I'd ask him to be my life coach if I didn't think that the experience would be too traumatic for him. Breaking your neck is one thing, but if he were to see my filing 'system', I fear it would finish him off.

I will strive to keep you all more up to date with the book launch and the response. This feels like a really important project for me. I have, through personal experience, come to appreciate the value in sharing stories like Darren's. But as I am also involved in a project built on peer-to-peer support (of which more in due course), Beyond The Break provides an opportunity to use storytelling as a means to help others to face the daunting prospect of life with SCI.

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