Ceci n'est pas une voiture

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1. "Have you got a licence for that thing?"
No. It's a wheelchair. A mobility device. Have you a licence for those legs?

2. "Watch you don't get a speeding ticket."
From whom? I am in a shopping mall. What's the speed limit?  I am going slightly faster than you are walking.

3. "I wish I had one of those."
As someone who can walk, run, climb, tap dance, etc., what possible reason do you have for wishing you had a wheelchair?

4. "You should get a bell."
No. You should listen when someone says, "Excuse me."

5. "Don't get done for speeding."
I won't. I'm not. You are dawdling.

6. "Do you do stunts?"
No. I do patience, but I'm getting worse at it by the second.

7. "Have you got a licence for that?"
That's not even the first time I have heard that today.

8. "Have you passed a driving test?"
Yes. for a car.

9. "You could get points for speeding."
I really couldn't.
10. "Do you need a licence for one of those?"...

"No. This is clearly not a car. Do you need a special permit to have an original thought of your own one day?"

"I was only having a joke, mate. What's your problem?"

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